To Err is Human

   When we wrote the book, we knew we’d make some factual errors: To err is human and in a book with this many facts, by necessity compiled quickly so it could be as up-to-date as possible, one is going to unintentionally mess some things up. No, we didn’t count on David Beckham getting injured – thereby screwing up the cover – but we did realize it was realistic to expect other errors, which is why on page 82 of the book we acknowledged the dilemma and asked readers to send us corrections.

    Alas, we didn’t expect readers to be quite so enthusiastic in their urge to offer “constructive criticism.” Nor, frankly, did we expect the final printed version to include so many typos, spelling mistakes, and dropped words which, by and large, were not present in the text we initially turned over for production. We feel as badly about that latter point as some readers do, which is why we want to try to make it up to anyone who has been disappointed by the production errors they found.

    First, this section of the blog will serve as a forum for us to post factual corrections to the book. (Thanks to those of you who have noted some of these.) Second, as the authors, we would like to make it up to anyone who feels that the typographical mistakes got in the way of their enjoyment of the book. Therefore, if you do feel that way and can demonstrate that you purchased the book, write us at and we will:

    1) Send you by email free the complete PDF of our 2006 e-book guide (Starks’ Smart Geopolitcal Guide to the 2006 World Cup), which also contains some interesting wrap-up material on that tournament, and

    2) Contact you personally by email during the final week of the tournament to offer you a special, limited-edition preview of the semifinals and finals.

    We feel this is the least we can do for all of you who share our passion for soccer. Thank you for reading the book.