Factual Clarifications and Corrections

p. 23 -- Ghana vs. Germany is,  of course, a Group D game played in Johannesburg, not a Group G game.

p. 41 -- Hans Vonk is not a former Dutch keeper, but a former South African keeper of Dutch descent.

p. 54 -- Zidane, of course, was tossed from the 2006 World Cup final for head-butting an opponent, not spitting at him. (We must have been thinking about Totti's expulsion from Euro 2004 for spitting or an earlier incident at the 2002 World Cup involving Zidane!)

p. 69 -- The times for some of the games are incorrect because FIFA changed them post-publication.

p. 210 -- In 2006, Australia did play and lose to Brazil 2-0 but it was in the first round. It lost in the round of 16 to Italy 1-0.

p. 234 -- Cameroon did not win the Confederations Cup in 2002 -- it won the African Nations Cup that year.

p. 301 -- Djibouti is not the major city in Cote d'Ivoire; it is, of course, the major city in Djibouti.

p. 325 -- Spain defeated South Africa 3-2 (aet) in the 3rd place match of the Confederations Cup, not 4-2 (aet).

p. 338 -- Swiss midfielder Benjamin Huggel was once suspended for kicking a Turkish coach but it wasn't his coach.

-- Spain has not been to a semifinal in the modern era but was in the final four in 1950 when the tournament used a round-robin format for the final four teams.

-- Paraguay did not get to play Netherlands in the first round.