Monday, May 3, 2010

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  1. At the begining, congratulation for the effort especially part done by the younger of the Starks.:)
    The book is very readable, sometimes very witty, but again not something someone born and raised with football( not soccer, but the real game which is played with the feet in contrast to US sport of false name) would go crazy about. I assume that this is not the last book father and son plan to publish so would make several suggestions which would improve quality of the work.
    1.Get the proof reader who is not born in UK and use web.Almost every country has now decent soccer board in English with fairly competent participants.
    2.Watch games and do not use statistics and reports( will explain this later)
    3.Do not mix apples and oranges in order to be witty at any cost: hint Domenech as important player.
    4.Try to avoid politics because is fairly stereotypical and even more biased. It does not add to the quality of the text.
    Several errors in the text I have detected:
    a.Hans Vonk is not Dutch goalkeeper but South African.
    b.Real name of coach Milutinovic is Borislav shorten Bora, not Boris
    c.Albert Camus could not be emegree to France from Algeria since that country was treated as colony unlike other French territories in colonial Africa
    d. 1930 controversy:The now-traditional third place playoff was not established until 1934, so the 1930 World Cup is unique in having no match take place between the semi-finals and the final. Occasional sources, notably a FIFA Bulletin from 1984, incorrectly imply that a third-place match occurred and was won 3–1 by Yugoslavia.[35] Accounts differ as a whether a third-place was originally scheduled. According to a 2009 book by Hyder Jawad, Yugoslavia refused to play a third-place match because they were upset with the refereeing in their semi-final against Uruguay.[36] A FIFA technical committee report on the 1986 World Cup included full rankings of all teams at all previous World Cup finals; this report retrospectively ranked the United States third and Yugoslavia fourth,[37] a practice since continued by FIFA.[38] A medal kept by the then president of the Football Federation of Yugoslavia, however, shows that Yugoslavia indeed was awarded third place[39]

    On the personal and of course very biased note: I doubt that you watched any of the games played by Serbia. If you did you would see that Sasa Ilic was not near national team since Radomir Antic became coach. Sulejmani started only one game, and Ivanovic was right full back for Chelsea whole season and as such elected in the all start team of Premier League. I am amused by your assessment of this team, which has less chance in your opinion to go to best 16 than Ghana with Essien who has not played whole second half of the season and Australia, but if others see us like this even better because Serbian team loves to be underrated.
    Political part about Serbia is plainly said very biased and in some parts totally untrue, explaining country and its people almost as cannibals and racists.
    Heaving said that I still think that book that you wrote is useful guide for coming WC and i really feel that i have not wasted money buying it.Good luck in future endeavors.